welcome to the Yoga Nest
-a cooperative yoga space-


The Yoga Nest, owned by Kat Parker (certified Samatava Yoga and provisional Mamaste Yoga instructor specializing in Yoga for Women,) is a small space great for intimate classes (10 students or less) and private lessons. Kat rents space by the hour for those who seek a space to teach a class, practice, meditate or just be. All posture supporting props are provided. This includes mats, yoga blankets, bolsters, and blocks. 

The Yoga Nest is not a walk in studio with daily open hours and does not have a list of classes to choose from. Each instructor that holds a class here is a seperate entity. Appointments are needed to view the space.

Call Kat Parker at 405.206.5050 or leave her a message on Facebook for registration appointments and questions.


Samatva Yoga

\Samatva\, n. an inner state of harmony and balance: capacity to treat good and bad results with the same feeling, without placing judgement: evenness, balance, equanimity of the mind and body: the practice of learning to use yoga to heal the body/mind and to maintain a sense of samatva, or balance in all aspects of life.


The Yoga Nest is located in Red Cup Square on the second floor. Entrance is through the south door facing Denton's Frame Shop.

3124. Classen Bvd. Suite B
Oklahoma City, OK 73118

Phone: 405.206.5050